Mr.Praveen Kumar Nedungadi

Chief Operating Officer/Founder Director of IIPPL
When I look at our Company, I see a well – established organization made up of what I believe to be the best group of professionals in the Business. I see individuals who, not content to rest on past accomplishments, constantly challenge themselves and their colleagues to find innovative ways to create value, increase efficiency and provide the highest level of service to our customers.

At IIPPL, we are constantly working to enhance our ability to adapt to changing markets and offer products and services tailored to the needs of the times. This is clearly visible by the fact that we got our first HMDA approval within a short span of 6 months after launching our first venture ‘Sparrow Shore’. Our ultimate objective is to deliver a true sense of satisfaction and prosperity to both our customers and society as a whole. Not for a season but for a lifetime.

IIPPL pursues its Residential Development Business, drawing on a key strength – our comprehensive “development and promotion” business model – to offer special residential properties for customers under the “PROUD” brand. In the midst of rapidly changing real estate markets, IIPPL will continue to view change as an opportunity and, taking an open attitude

towards all business opportunities, will lead new real estate business around our core development business. Armed with a world class infrastructure we plan to expand into other arenas as well majorly focusing on Market Finance.

At IIPPL, We recognize our responsibilities to ensure that all our customers are treated fairly and, as such, we have crafted these key principles that support our commitment to them. Our values are – ‘Being Brilliant Together’, ‘Challenging Everything – Delivering Excellence’ and ‘Maximizing Potential’. These values drive our commitment to our customers. Employee commitment to embracing these values is assessed as part of our appraisal process. Measuring how we treat our customers, and what our customers feel about how we deliver to them, is core to our culture and to IIPPL being effective.

IIPPL is committed not only to achieve its goals as an integrated developer focused on maximizing customer satisfaction but is also dedicated to contribute to the greater prosperity of society as a good corporate citizen. With the best practices of our organization and the best efforts of all our employees, we continually strive to be the premier real estate Company. Any Company can help you purchase property. Only we can help you grow.

Because we are Incredible India Projects Private Limited.